Icon for Agriculture & Rural Communities

Agriculture & Rural Communities

Michigan has a proud tradition of making the best products in the world — from our manufacturing base to our agricultural producers and farmers. Agriculture is one of the largest industries in Michigan, accounting for one out of four Michigan jobs, and we must continue to strengthen it.
Icon for Auto, Manufacturing, & Fair Trade

Auto, Manufacturing, & Fair Trade

When the playing field is level, Michigan’s workers can out-compete anyone in the world — and Gary will continue fighting to make sure the rules are fair.
Icon for Budget & Deficit Reduction

Budget & Deficit Reduction

Gary was a successful businessman for more than 20 years. He knows what it takes for Michigan families to balance their checkbooks, plan for retirement, and put away some money to send their children to college. Living within one’s means is the practical and responsible approach that Gary fights for in Washington. He has repeatedly been an independent voice for eliminating wasteful government spending and reducing the deficit and will continue his efforts in the U.S. Senate.
Icon for Education


Gary’s father was a public school teacher for 30 years. Gary, his wife Colleen, and all three of his children, proudly attended Michigan public schools. Gary knows that a quality education is the bedrock of Michigan’s middle class. And Gary is ready to continue fighting for Michigan students of all ages in the U.S. Senate.
Icon for Energy


Michigan can continue to lead in clean energy jobs , and Gary will do all he can to make sure Michigan remains on the cutting edge.
Icon for Environment


Time and again, Gary has fought for clean air and clean water in Michigan communities. The Great Lakes and our environment are vital to the future of Michigan -- and Gary is ready to defend them in the U.S. Senate.
Icon for Equal Rights

Equal Rights

Our nation was founded on the principles of liberty, justice, and freedom for all — and Gary will be an independent voice in the Senate to make sure our nation lives up to those principles.
Icon for Health Care

Health Care

All Michigan families deserve access to quality, affordable health care coverage that doesn’t break the bank. Making sure our health care system works for everyone will take time, and Gary is fighting for practical common-sense solutions for Michigan.
Icon for Jobs & Economy

Jobs & Economy

We make things in Michigan, and Gary is proud of that tradition. Whether it’s investing in Michigan Main Street businesses, strengthening our automotive industry, expanding agriculture, or promoting entrepreneurial talents and innovation, Gary will continue to lead the fight for Michigan’s economic future in the U.S. Senate.
Icon for Middle Class

Middle Class

Michigan’s middle class families need an independent voice fighting for them in the U.S. Senate, and Gary is on the front lines of that fight.
Icon for Military & Veterans

Military & Veterans

All of us are indebted to the men and women that serve our nation. And Gary will continue to fight for Michigan’s troops, veterans, and their families.
Icon for Seniors


Medicare and Social Security are vital to long-term economic security and represent a sacred promise. We should be focusing on ways to strengthen and secure them for future generations.
Icon for Small Business & Entrepreneurship

Small Business & Entrepreneurship

Gary was a successful businessman for more than 20 years — and he knows that small businesses are the engine of Michigan’s economy.
Icon for Women & Families

Women & Families

Gary will always fight for policies that empower women. And as long as extreme members of the far right continue their attempts to drag women’s rights in America back to the 1950s, Gary will continue to fight back.