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Budget & Deficit Reduction

Gary was a successful businessman for more than 20 years. He knows what it takes for Michigan families to balance their checkbooks, plan for retirement, and put away some money to send their children to college.

It is time for Washington to adopt a practical and responsible approach to addressing our nation’s fiscal challenges, which is why Gary’s repeatedly been an independent voice for eliminating wasteful government spending and reducing the deficit. He will continue his efforts to fight for common-sense budget solutions in the U.S. Senate.

Gary has always worked to improve oversight and fiscal responsibility from government. In the State Senate, he kept his office spending well below budget and returned an entire year’s office budget back to the Treasury. In Congress, he has done the same, returning nearly $500,000 over the last four years to help pay down the deficit.

Gary has taken on leaders of both parties to cut wasteful spending and responsibly reduce the deficit. When Gary first came to Congress, he fought to stop politicians from giving themselves a pay raise they didn’t deserve. He broke with his party’s leadership to oppose $150 billion second stimulus bill. Gary was one of just a handful of Democrats to support an across-the-board freeze in domestic spending and he supported a total ban on all pork-barrel earmarks. The Oakland Press says he, “has shown that he can break away from the party line and act independently.”

By measuring every program for results and ending the ones that aren’t working, Gary is now working with his Republican colleagues to eliminate redundant and ineffective government programs.

Solid budgeting is more than just having smart spending priorities — we also need to make sure that middle class families are not bearing the burden of an unfair tax code that lets some well connected corporations and oil companies exploit loopholes and write-offs.

Gary supports legislation to institute the “Buffett Rule,” which would require millionaires and billionaires to pay at least the same tax rate as middle class families.

Huge multinational corporations with expensive lobbyists shouldn’t be able to game the system. That’s why Gary cosponsored the Stop Tax Haven Abuse Act – a bill to make sure corporations can’t exploit unfair loopholes to avoid paying their taxes.

Gary knows we need a responsible approach to cutting wasteful spending, reducing the deficit and balancing our budget. And when it comes to the extreme Ryan Budget Plan, the numbers just don’t add up. The Ryan Plan would dismantle Medicare and raise taxes on Michigan’s middle class families. That’s why Gary opposed it.

Michigan’s middle class families come first. And Gary will continue to be the independent voice they deserve in the U.S. Senate.