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We make things in Michigan, and Gary is proud of that tradition. Whether it’s investing in Michigan Main Street businesses, strengthening our automotive industry, expanding agricultural innovation, or promoting entrepreneurial talents, Gary will continue to lead the fight for Michigan’s economic future and a strong middle class in the U.S. Senate.

Gary believes that investing in Michigan’s economy and creating good jobs relies on three important factors – attracting and investing in private enterprise, keeping well-paying jobs in Michigan, and educating the workforce of tomorrow.

Gary was a successful businessman for more than 20 years. He knows that small businesses are key to creating good jobs and making Michigan’s Main Streets strong. That’s why Gary is leading the fight in Washington to promote small business development and entrepreneurship. He serves as the Co-Chair of the bipartisan Congressional Caucus on Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Gary helped write the Small Business Jobs Act that helped Michigan small businesses access credit and create over three thousand jobs. Through his tireless efforts, he also saved a program responsible for helping to create more than 30,000 jobs while bringing back manufacturing to Michigan from Mexico.

When politicians in Washington were ready to let Michigan’s auto industry fail, Gary stood up to both parties and fought to secure critical loans. He worked across party lines to get automakers and businesses up and down the supply chain the support and capital they needed to succeed. And today, the Big Three are roaring back, creating new jobs in Michigan, and driving our economic recovery.

Gary is also working to close tax loopholes that encourage companies to outsource Michigan jobs. He introduced the Outsourcing Accountability Act, which would require publicly traded corporations to disclose the number of employees they have overseas.

To build Michigan’s economy stronger than ever, Gary believes we must ensure Michigan workers have access to quality education and the skills and technological training they need to get high-tech, high-demand jobs. Gary has worked to develop new public-private partnerships in our communities to connect local educational institutions with local emerging industries and to encourage entrepreneurship so that our young people are prepared not just to fill the jobs in a new Michigan economy, but to also create them.