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Middle Class

Gary was born and raised in Michigan. His father served in WWII and was a public school teacher in Oakland County. His mother worked in a local nursing home as a nurse’s aide. Gary and his wife, Colleen, have raised three children here in Michigan. Gary knows first-hand that a strong middle class is rooted in an economy where everyone plays by the same rules and every Michigan family has a fair shot at success.

Gary believes that the promise of the American Dream is that if you work hard all your life and play by the rules, you will be able to raise a family, retire with security, and build a better life for your children. That’s been the core of Gary’s fight in Washington and what he will defend as an independent voice for Michigan in the U.S. Senate.

Gary has always fought to make sure small businesses have the capital they need to thrive and create jobs.

Gary also believes that the bedrock of the middle class, and those who aspire to be a part of it, is a quality education. Gary was a leader in the fight to keep college student loan interest rates from ballooning. He has also fought to provide early childhood education through programs like Head Start.

Gary continues to push for a responsible, bipartisan solution to fix our housing market by protecting taxpayers from being on the hook for bailouts while still preserving affordable 30-year-fixed rate mortgages for middle class families.

In the aftermath of the economic crisis, Gary worked to make sure that what happened to Michigan families in 2008 would never happen again. He fought for the creation of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, an agency that is now protecting consumers from predatory and abusive lending practices.

Millionaires and corporations should not pay lower tax rates than middle class families. That’s why Gary cosponsored legislation to implement the “Buffett Rule” for tax fairness, so that millionaires and billionaires can’t game their way to paying lower tax rates than their secretaries. And no one works harder to protect the rights of Michigan workers to organize and earn a wage that adequately allows them to support a family than Gary.

For Gary, Michigan’s middle class families come first. So for three years in a row, when the Ryan Budget Plan was proposed in the House — a plan that would raise middle class taxes and dismantle Medicare for our seniors — Gary voted against it.

Michigan’s middle class families need an independent voice fighting for them in the U.S. Senate, and Gary is on the front lines of that fight.